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There is a story, three stories actually, about a man named Danny Ocean: charismatic leader, good friend, and crook. Danny had an entourage of compatriots, and that entourage grew as the storyline continued, first eleven, then twelve, and finally totaling out at thirteen.

Ocean is more than just a name. An ocean is a body of water: living, moving, active water. And the ocean picture that follows is the social media profile picture of a different young man, and this one’s name is James: charismatic character, good friend, but he’s no crook.


James, a neighbor and classmate to two of my own personal entourage, recently went to church camp, and the story of this entourage, along with the group’s total headcount, continues to grow. First reported as eight, it quickly grew to ten, and totaled out this morning at sixteen. Maybe the growth is not done, yet? The spiritual growth, certainly not, even if the numerical growth has stopped for now.

Maybe we’ll call this group “God’s sixteen”. Sixteen baptisms, all a result of the time, care, and love recently encountered, together. This picture has a few of them, James included, as well as some of their friends who made a difference. And it excludes a few, like the twin sisters and the family of quadruplets, all who were added to God’s group today. One of the quads, I forget which one, even infamously stood at the top of the stairs in our house many years ago as a youngster and “relieved himself” in an arching stream to the first floor down below. But it is OK: I have forgiven him!

And God has forgiven them all, as they have all taken a dip into a body of water: living, moving, active water. It certainly was moving and active this morning and this past week.

But, I think we’ll go with “Jesus’ 16” as the unofficial name for the group. God won’t mind sharing the credit, and Jesus is the perfect charismatic friend to draw more numbers to the group.



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