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A long time ago, in this land not so very far away, two school buses rolled off the assembly line.   Not the seemingly different buses pictured above, mind you, for they are in fact one in the same vehicle.   There is more on the second bus yet to mention.

You see, the bus above, in its pure yellow 42 seat configuration form had outlived its effectiveness.   Originally acquired by its most recent former owner at an auction, it was a bit unwieldy to work with.  Let’s just say it was no longer salty, and was sitting on the back 40 waiting to be trampled under foot by both Father Time and Mother Nature.   It was time for a change of venue, even at the cost of a change in purpose.

Back in the 70’s, JOY buses were all the rage in churches.   Repurposed from old school buses, they would drive around neighborhoods picking up kids and transporting them to church and back.   They were filled with singing, lots of singing.

The newly painted bus shown above, despite its colorful shell, is no “JOY bus”.   While it will bring both joy and entertainment to its future constituents, it has been stripped of its ability to carry very many people anywhere.

The second bus refered to earlier had  also likely outlived its intended purpose, and was probably also acquired at auction.  It then boarded a ship for the far country.  

While it may not look much different today than on the date of its manufacture, it has found new life, indeed.   It also helps to bring new life, and healing, and even joy.    It is regularly filled with singing, lots of singing.

These two sibling buses were born almost twins, and now they reside worlds apart.   I said often this past week that “old school buses never die, they just go to Honduras“.   I guess I could now add, “or they quit truly serving as buses”.

I read Richard Stearns’ book The Hole In Our Gospel on this recent trip to Central America, and found it a bit painful and convicting.   Let’s just say there are some analogies between Christian churches and buses that satisfy our needs versus buses that carry large groups of people to a destination, and leave it at that.   I’d suggest you pick up a copy of the book and ask for yourself.

Religion that is pure and good before God the Father is to help children who have no parents and to care for women whose husbands have died who have troubles. Pure religion is also to keep yourself clean from the sinful things of the world.  James 1:27

In the interim, I’m happy for both of these buses and the joy they may continue to bring.



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