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I’ve been challenged this morning. I’ve been challenged by words. Words like “maudlin“, which I admit I had to look up a definition for, were awaiting me this morning. I will confess to being occasionally, if not frequently, guilty of demonstrating said word. I might be sorry, or I might not. For now, I will settle for “guilty”.

And, I have been challenged by The Word. The Word was also awaiting me this morning in the form of an email challenging me to accept a reading plan. Would’nt you know that it started me in John chapter 1?

I don’t want to be maudlin about all of this. I don’t want to lose my head. Or, maybe I do. Maybe that is what He is calling me to. It certainly was the case for John, and he was but one to help point the way for others.

It is Mothers Day today. On this day of recognition, I hope to be learning the path to be a better father.

I may be losing my head. I’m OK with that. If I come across as maudlin in the process, I will plead guilty.

Word up?


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