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Are you a “Whovian”?   I’ve never considered myself one of such ilk, but the storyline of tonight’s season finale may have made a convert out of me.

Tonight’s yarn was well spun, indeed.   It dealt with endless love, timelines, missing heartbeats, failed memories, and journeys to the end of the universe.   In the end, the message was clear: we are who we are, and we all have a job to do.

Returning to reality for a moment, a picture really does paint a thousand words.   Researchers have recently suggested that our DNA may carry more than just physical traits; it may carry personality, and the effects of predecessors’ experiences, as well.

I’ve seen it at work.   A member of my personal progeny once mimicked without fault a mannerism of a great grandfather who predeceased her birthdate by over seven years.   All I could do was look on in wonder.

Then, there are the signatures.   I keep a small inherited library of books in my office.   Each of the three signatures shown above came from one of the volumes contained therin.

I never really knew the man who penned the first much less ever studied his penmanship until recently, and yet I see his hand in my own, his smile in my mirror, and his eyes in my son.

The DNA helix is an amazing creation, indeed.   Aside from an array of chemicals, I believe it may be made up of traces of endless love, timelines, missing heartbeats, failed memories, and journeys toward the end of the universe.   There may be an extended cursive “m” trailing off somewhere in there, as well…


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