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download (1)I’m not a perfect person. Truth is, none of us are. Accordingly, life, this life, is lived under a curse. But we are created to be so much more. And we are becoming that, or at least we are put in a position to do so, but we have to make the choice.

Sometimes, the choice is to simply endure. And understand or accept that “it is what it is”, to borrow a phrase: we have to choose to understand, even when we really don’t.

I’m not a perfect person. Accordingly, there’s a lot I still don’t understand.

One of those things I don’t understand is why we suffer. I understand the curse, and I’m accepting of the fact that we are a sinful people. I am a sinful person, far from perfect. And yet, God has called me, He tells me He loves me, so I’m left to wonder “why”. If you have ever watched someone you love age and endure some of the challenges that come late in life, you might understand a bit of what I’m asking here. My wife summed it up well in a recent conversation by saying “death is just a waste: you are born, you grow, you make something of your life, you have people who love you, and then it just ends”.

In this context, I’ve spent some time thinking about new life coming into this world. Babies are beautiful to behold. There are few who would debate that. They are peaceful. They are dependent. They truly don’t carry an agenda. And, for at least a time, their infancy is likely the only time in this life that their form is without any blemish. It is just as it was created to be, and it is a beautiful thing.

But, if you’ve ever watched the process of childbirth, it’s not pretty. Truth be told, the process is indeed a byproduct of the curse of man dating back to our earliest ancestors, Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve were created full and whole, and God saw that it was good. But, a few bad decisions later, God told Eve that there would be pain in childbirth. Pain, and risk, and blood, and loss. He told her that shortly after they realized that, in fact, they would “surely die”.

But, therein lies some wonder, and pain, today. Pain, and risk, and blood, and loss, but followed by joy, and relationship, and life. Death is a sad and ugly thing, but it doesn’t have to be, and maybe we can see it in a new context. It’s not about the right now. It’s about the soon, and very soon, and going to see the King.

Scripture tells us that “In the beginning was the Word”, and we have come to understand that God’s plan for redemption was always there. That redemption was not pretty, in its occurrence, as scripture tells us He was disfigured, and some could not look upon Him. Pain, and risk, and blood, and loss, but followed by joy, and relationship, and life.

So, if the plan for redemption was always there, maybe our passing from this life is but a type for the pains of childbirth, as we pass from this womb, this earthly existence where our souls have been given life and have been nurtured and developed into creatures that are fully prepared to exist in the new world that we are created to live in.

When I think about it that way, all sorts of images shared years ago by CS Lewis in “The Great Divorce” are brought to mind, and I begin to be able to better ignore the pain and the discomfort of the journey for the beauty that is before us.
As I close these thoughts, the inspiration to that opening phrase comes from a song appropriately called “The Reason”. It was likely penned under a slightly different mindset, but maybe with the “Y” in you capitalized in a few appropriate places, one could argue this love song as a prayer to our God. Take a listen and see if you might agree. In the interim, here we find ourselves, laboring as in childbirth, and longing for the light of a new day. It’s OK, because it’s a great day, indeed. We have the promise, and maybe we better understand “the reason” for it all.




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