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Some of life’s more ponderous moments come in the wee small hours of the morning, long before the dawn.

My first such recollection of such was in the early 70’s, when I snuck into the living room of my parents’ small east Texas rental home and waited for the vacuum tubes to warm up and bring the picture to life on our “Color” television set.  Don’t ask me why it was called a set.  It just was.

The picture came to life just in time for me to see a black and white image of a warplane crashing into a ship.  Two unknown characters were floating at sea, said a couple of forgotten things to each other, and the movie was done.

Fast forward 40 plus years.  It is the hour before the dawn, once again, and my mind believes my body should be up and keeping it company.  Go figure.

I clicked on the button way too early this morning and waited the requiset few seconds for the plasma screen to come to life.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Apparently John Wayne was once a German spy.  Who knew?  It was all there for me to see, in clear black and white.

If only all of life was just so simple to understand.



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