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We had a great message tonight from an expert in Bible translations. He commented on how the Bible remains a best seller every year, and then said something ironic and thought provoking: “I’m glad someone is buying them, but I wonder what they are doing with all of them, because they’re not reading them”.

And it got me to thinking (STSTF). I wrote back in October about accumulations in my closet ( https://jbinghamoc.wordpress.com/2011/10/10/too-much-is-not-enough/ ), but what about the accumulation on my bookshelf? Too much is not enough, that is for sure.

You see, if I read the Bible enough to utilize the accumulated copies on the family shelf, I would feel even better about my Walk.

I don’t buy a lot of Bibles, the most recent being a small copy of the NLT in a soft red leather cover about two years ago. If it were not for the freedom of YouVersion and my iDevice, I might fall victim to much more of too much.

I love the Bible section at Mardel, much like a good Barnes and Noble. So why do we buy so many Bible in this country, much less around the world?

Why do we buy anything, whether it be sportcoats, suits, shirts, shoes, leather computer bags, etc? Is it because some of us have a fabric, leather, consumer products fettish? Maybe, but I digress.

I think we buy new things because they make us feel good. A new suit of clothes, or something as simple as a new tie can make you feel good leaving for work one day.

Is that how it is with a new Bible? If I don’t read it as much as my soul longs to do, like exercising or eating right, maybe a new copy will help me want to read it more. The same probably goes for treadmills, running shoes, warm up suits, and the like.

If you will excuse me now, I’m going to go out and exercise. Relax, the treadmill is in a fitness center at work and my shoes are about a year old, with two 5k’s and a half marathon to their credit. Maybe I can pull up You Version and do a little time in the Word while I’m at it.

If only it came in a red leather cover…


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“Where do you trade?”   That was always my Grandmother’s question to her friends and acquaintances.     “Monnings?   Striplings?  Leonard Brothers?”     The woman loved to shop, and she was good at it.    Another one of her favorites was the S&H Green Stamp reward redemption shop.    We must have clipped, licked, and stuck thousands of green stamps into the reward collection books back in the day.

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Trading is an interesting concept. We were all exposed to it at an early age, most likely. Trading sports cards, Hot Wheels cars, or even clothes, trading between kids was, and still is, en vogue. And even as youngsters, buyer’s remorse was a very real concept.

In the modern era, the concept of trading is even more present. Trading investments, trading cars, trading houses, trading jobs, and even trading relationships is a reality in this day and age. In OKC, the local NBA team recently traded two of it’s best players in an effort to upgrade the total profile and potential of the team. It was willing to risk surrendering the known for the potential of the unknown, and at least so far it seems to be working.

Trading can be more than risky: it can also be uncomfortable and sentimental. Newness requires adjustment, and it comes with costs, both tangible and intangible. I recently traded cars, and while the new ride is an upgrade, it is different. After only two drives to the office this week in the newer wheels, I can tell I need to be more careful and alert behind the wheel until I have adjusted to the renewed environment, lest heartache and deductibles should follow.

So ask yourself, is the trade/upgrade worth the cost? Is losing what you surrendered going to be worth the benefit(s) received?

Jesus made a trade. He traded Heaven and being in The Father’s presence for 33 years of sweat, toil, heartache, and pain. And I’d say it was worth it. I think he has indicated the same.

So ask yourself, is it worth sacrificing the comfort and familiarity of today for the potential of what could be tomorrow? Whether trading you old life/self/ways for the promise of the new life offered in Christ, or trading the safety and comfort of a status quo relationship to the risk of sharing Jesus with a friend, are we willing to make the trade? The benefits are well worth it.   But, I’m not confident about whether Christianity offers any Green Stamps.  If it does, then my Grandmother is even happier at Home than we could possibly imagine…

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