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1984: it was a book by author George Orwell, and as the 70’s raced toward the 80’s, everyone speculated on what the real 1984 would be like. And it was a book about an all seeing character called “Big Brother”, and BB was not a very nice person, apparently.

So what did actually happen in the real 1984? Please allow me to tell you. I was introduced to new friends. And then, they made me eat Quiche. (imagine Johnny Depp/Captain Jack Sparrow cadence and inflection here).

“Real men don’t eat quiche”. I had always heard that, and yet, I did not know what the stuff really was all about. Enter new friends/mentors Scot, Ted, and Bev. Three guys (including yours truly), a girl, and brunch at a “quiche place”. I will grant, it may be a stretch to have considered Ted and Bev as full fledged friends in 84 (as I hardly saw them again for almost 20 years), but time would tend to that, among other things.

Scot was my dad. He still is, in a manner of speaking. 1984: good “kid”, good mentor. 2011: good man, good mentor. Scot, 22 and free, adopted me as his 18 year old college kid at MRCC. A little laundry, a little football, and a little food was shared over the next year or two until Scot moved away.

But one instance, one moment of interaction, sticks in my brain, and that is sharing quiche with these three, Newly minted young adults and college grads, making their way as I tried to find mine in those first few weeks away from home.

As we drove back from the restaurant that day, I could not help but sit in awe in Scot’s shiny new blue 84 TBird. Here I was in the presence of people who I thought “had arrived”. A newly married couple, a couple of employed accountants, and all the “trappings” of those “not burdened by life or college”. As we drove back to drop me off at the OC campus that day and these men genteely explained to me the finer points of dressing for success (you wondered, “why that picture?”, I know you did), Scot almost wrecked the car at I-44 and Broadway while looking at my bad polyester tie and shiny patterned shirt.

Time, life, and goals took Ted and Bev to Brazil, Scot to Michigan/Dallas/Michigan and all points between, and me to Texas before we all somehow landed back in OKC. And when I was reintroduced to them many moons later, we all had changed, and that is the point where I believe I can begin to refer to them as friends, indeed (and in deed). You see, we have much more in common as 40 something’s than we ever did “back in the day”. Scot and his wife Dawn even share a reality of life with Sherry and I in the real world that is RA and autoimmune diease.

I’ve learned a lot from watching and listening to these guys the past few years. We even dress alike, although that may not be worth bragging about.

And in 2011, I think the real “Big Brother” is watching over us, but this one is much greater and gentler than that of Orwell’s imagination. His name is Jesus, and He is the author and perfecter of the faith of the imperfect. That’d be guys like us (but not Bev, Dawn, or Sherry. They are perfect, in practically every way).

In closing, maybe real men do eat quiche, or real men in the making. I hear it is high in protein.

So, gents, if you read this, let’s plan lunch soon. I’m buying. But this time, let’s go for some manly comfort food, 2011 style.


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