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 I was flipping channels on the TV early this morning, and the cable programming guide said Mythbusters was on, but instead, what I saw on the screen was deep south minister Charles Stanley.   I’ve watched and listened to Mr. Stanley before on occasion over the past 25 years, and was  not that interested this morning.  I flipped to next channel, and it was Joel Osteen’s program.     There’s an exercise in contrast for you: one man has a large, static, full color map of the World behind him, and one has a large bronze hollow globe spinning behind him.    And I was expecting Mythbusters…

 One man is in a fully lit room, and often has camera cut aways to many of the faces of the people listening to the message, and the other has the frequent cut-away to the massive packed house dimly lit auditorium he is speaking to, with a distant background view of the well-lit stage containing him and the aforementioned spinning globe.   And, most importantly, one had his Bible open and quoted from it often; the other did not.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with everything Mr. Stanley has to say, and both of these guys found a way to ask for money inside their programs this morning.     But Stanley’s message was pointed this morning: “You cannot out give God“.      Osteen was on his traditional point, God wants you to prosper.    There is that contrast again: You and God trade positions in the sentence placement, but which takes the place of prominence, the object of the sentence, in each?

My Bible does not tell me that God promises prosperity.    And, as we’ve thought about before here in our earlier consideration of Mr. Osteen and the late Mother Teresa, how can I believe in a God who wants me to prosper, but is content with those who love and serve Him around the globe suffering in poverty and distress?       Blessings, cursings, callings, and obligations in life do not equate to the message of Prosperity Theology.     Just ask Job about that.    Would we love God for nothing?     I sure hope so.    I have a lot to learn and improve my practice on in this arena.

Mr. Stanley has been preaching the same way for decades.     Mr. Osteen has only been pushing the prosperity plow for but a few years, with his daddy setting the congregational table before him.    Our friends, the Mythbusters, have been the cult stars of Discovery for a few years as well.

This brought up an interesting thought: what about a Mythbusters episode where our cable TV scientists experiment with pushing two televangelist preachers off large arena/sanctuary type structures.       I wonder which of the two discussed here would bounce the highest?    My bet is on Mr. Stanley.    Just sayin…


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