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Listen my child, and you shall here, of the midnight ride…

It was called a tape. Some called it a cassette. I now consider it a time capsule, complete with symbolism on the outside and within. Back before music was streamed, and before it was downloaded, and before it was burned, ripped (or ripped off), and even before it was purchased on shiny little platters known to techno and music geeks in the 1980’s as compact disks, music was procured and enjoyed via these little plastic shells and their magnetic contents.

This one, in particular, was found lying on the console of Little Frau’s auto this morning as I made a coffee run. Yes, her car is a “tweener”, complete with both a “cassette deck” and CD capability, but absent Bluetooth and other rapidly expiring technologies, but I digress.

I popped this one into the player, and the garbled, yet very recognizable tones took me back to when I purchased this exact copy back in 1983. It didn’t sound much better when it was new and turning inside my Realistic/Radio Shack after market player that was loosely bolted below the dashboard of my 71 Chevy. I was 16, going on 17, and didn’t want to stop believing.

Now that one score and ten years have turned over, the symbolism is rich. I still want to “don’t stop believing”. I am “stone in love”, thanks to Little Frau. Sometimes, life dictates that the who in “Who’s crying now” is me: I assume you can relate. Almost daily, I feel the need to “keep on runnin’ “, and, as for the memories, “still they ride”.

Even the yellowed edges of the case are suggestive. It is intact. Its message is both legible and audible. It is not cracked. Not yet, at least. Kind of like some of us, maybe?

So, maybe the recipe for curing tired blood, today, won’t come from a vitamin bottle, although I’ll be sure to not forget mine, but from musings, music and memories.

Don’t stop believing, and I pledge to do the same. “Still, they ride“.



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