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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which comes first, the screenplay, or the story? After enduring tonight’s previews, I’m afraid it’s the former, a by-product of too much dumb investor cash seeking the next blockbuster.

Wasn’t Spider Man (One) a brand new movie in 2002? I remember where I was when I saw it, and who was keeping my kids. Those are the same kids who believe there is but one spider man, and his face is that of Toby McGuire. We are not talking modern day remakes of black and white classics from the early 1900’s here. This is computer animation trumping computer animation.

Another Ice Age movie? Madagascar 3? The first was too lame to sit thru on TV.

The worst offender however, by far, is thankfully no remake. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, coming soon to a theater near you. Tim Burton should be ashamed for ever agreeing to that.

Story is when a character wants something, and overcomes conflict to get it. For the Bings, tonight, the conflict was getting thru all the previews to see The Hunger Games. The Story there is real, and we have the books to prove it, even if the screenplay earned a handsome fee from a producer…(now, maybe, I guess I will have the sit down and read them)…


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