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…and spiritual disciplines: don’t let me neglect spiritual disciplines.


Matthew 19:23-25
Then Jesus said to his disciples, “I tell you the truth, it is very hard for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I’ll say it again—it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!”

How so? Well, for starters, the camel must have a few things taken off it’s back for that to possibly work, and even then, it’s not easy. Accordingly, those who are rich may need to give up a thing or two to get where they want and need to be.

Which brings me back to the topic of the moment. I have some goals, and I’m having trouble working toward them. It seems I may be trying to carry too much thru the gateway that is my mind. The goals? More reading; books that is, for one. I have a few patiently awaiting my attention.

Social Media? I may admit to being hooked on it. Does that surprise you?

The Socratic method is a way to seek truths by your own lights. I admit to enjoying the new realm that is Social media, especially the FB. It has largely taken the place of television, which is OK, but also much more. I learn a lot about others, but in writing/blogging, I’ve also learned some things about myself. But to seek truth by my own light? Hardly: my bulb burns too dimly for that.

There are some things I want to pursue, and greater effort toward some spiritual disciplines may help: Prayer, study, service, blessing, fasting?

I could stand to lose a few pounds, and these disciplines should only serve as a reminder/aid. I feel like I may be getting a little soft, both up top and around the middle.

So, for the strategy: a Facebook Fast. I’m going to delete the FB Apps from my iDevices, at least for a season. Perhaps until the holidays? I don’t know. When I’ve hopefully lost 10 pounds, I will plan to be back. I may have to get Little Frau to help me know what all is going on. It certainly won’t be the first time!

So, here we go. I hope to keep Blogging, so watch for it off the grid if you are a reader. I may even tweet from time to time.

This camel is going on a diet. Hopefully what is left behind will pull me thru when the time Is right.

After all, the gate is only the beginning.


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Hold fast

Have you ever fasted? I personally have not, yet, but we talked about it in a Bible class discussion tonight dealing with spiritual disciplines. I understand that scripture does not necessarily command fasting, in fact, Jesus commands very little, but he asks for much. English translations, at least, say “when you fast…”.

So I’m going to give it some thought. If I do decide to fast, and do it right, you’ll hopefully never know, whether it be from food or from other components of my everyday life. In fact, in departure from my normal pattern, this post will not be publicized. If you find it, you find it, and maybe we can sit down Together with glasses of water and talk about the idea and meaning of fasting and prayer, among other things.

In the meantime, always one to look for the hidden “play on words” that seemingly is always before me, here is a song from Mercy Me that I went away from class tonight humming to myself:

To everyone who’s hurting

To those who’ve had enough

To all the undeserving

That should cover all of us

Please do not let go

I promise there is hope

Hold fast

Help is on the way

Hold fast

He’s come to save the day

What I’ve learned in my life

One thing greater than my strife

Is His grasp

So hold fast

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