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Merry Christmas, 2017. How did it get to be 2017? And why do we have dogs at our house?” I won’t tell you who just uttered that phrase, but she’s drinking coffee just a few feet away from me.

Hello, yeah it’s been awhile

Not much how ’bout you?

I’m not sure why I called

Guess I really just wanted to talk to you….

Happy first day after Christmas.

If you are keeping score like I am prone to do, let the above 1970’s era lyrics from a couple of guys dubbed “England Dan and John Ford Coley” serve as reminder that I’ve not posted here in a while.

Nine months, to be exact.

That does not mean I’ve not been thinking, musing, or writing during my absence. I’ve fiddled around here and there a bit.

We’ve not done much traveling, per say, but I climbed a mountain.

Then, another.

We climbed six or seven all together, depending on who is keeping score.

I built a house, of sorts.

OK, maybe it is only a shed, but it’s our shed, and I’m proud of it.

So many things happened in 2017, from fleeting in nature to eternal in consequence. There were challenges. There were heartaches.

We lost some old friends.

And we made some new ones.

People, too.

And there was growth.

For myself.

For those I love.

And there was no shortage of joy.

But, for this week, there was Christmas. It continues to be the only day of each year where everything else stops. And it is magical.

Time does not stand still, to be sure, and we know these days will not always be just so.

Yesterday was, and that is part of why each such allowance is so special.

2017: another Christmas in the trenches.

May God bless you and yours until the next is all too soon upon us, or until He comes again.

Amen. Lord, come quickly.



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