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The anatomy of a fast.

7 days.
Just under 160 hours.
There was an earthquake. There was an election.

Then, the world seemingly felt the earth move.
And I had little to publicly say about it. Little I could say, that is. Few words to say, and even fewer voices in my ear.
At the prompting of “Preacher Phil”, I launched a “Facebook fast” last Sunday afternoon. I even sent Instagram and Twitter packing. I’m glad he prompted, and I’m glad I responded. It’s made for an interesting week.
Time seems to move more slowly when it’s not filled quite so idly. Your mind processes things, and when you can’t act on the impulse to rapidly share them, they grow more slowly within the psyche.  
The fast can end this weekend. While I wonder all that’s been discussed in my absence, I’m not sure how badly I want back in.   I guess time will tell.


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Big Brother is a stalker.   

It’s only Tuesday, and before sunrise at that.

It’s not even been 48 hours, and yet he’s asking: “Where you been?“.

It’s a little creepy.  We’ve heard for years to watch out for “Big Brother” watching you, but I now suspect he was invited into my digital living room long ago.

At our preacher’s prompting, I’m taking a Facebook fast for a week.   He called it “Digital Detox”.

No posts.  No reads.  No app.

That’s right: I deleted the app from my phone.   Let’s call it “temptation takes a holiday”.   It can join Nostalgia over there.  Perhaps they can keep one another company while I give the remaining five days a try.

I hope I learn something new about myself in the process.    If so, I might tell you all about it later.

Or, I might not.  And, therein might lie the point…

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