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Welcome to 2016, where almost everyone has something loud to say.   Or, is it only something, but to say it loudly?   Parsed words, minced words, and hashtags seem the order of the day.

Truth be told, the shouting is likely only getting started in some camps.   This is an election year, and those who find political action committee television commercials repulsive need only look to “The Twitter” for a new measure of repulsive vitriol.

There have been disagreements among us dating back to the first fruits moments of life on this earth, whether between man and wife or quarreling brothers, where “Mano a Mano” took on a different kind of meaning.

But, to quote some of the lesser minds of our meme obsessed society, why can’t we all just learn to get along?

Don’t get me wrong: some people have good things to say online.   In fact, I know a dog who even has her own Instagram account, and she is a hashtag producing beast, no pun intended.   They say dogs are people too, but I digress.

In closing these thoughts today, I won’t produce any comparisons of people to candy, or politicians to baskets of other things, I will simply call on us all to think before we meme, or type, or speak.   We should do so before we listen, read, or judge, as well.   I stand convicted and will attempt to serve out my paroled sentence as one seeking to live a reformed existence.


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