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Hello again. It’s been a while: 30+ days, to be exact. Why so long, I might ask. I’m not sure who else should.

It started with a conversation. It evolved into a goal. Then, it just sort of happened. I planned to be away for a week, living in a world free of electronics. I would write a little, using actual pen and paper, and if I liked any of it, I might reproduce it here. I did, and I did, but I never did. They say old habits are hard to break, but this 3 year old practice of thinking out loud almost died. I’m not sure I am ready for that, yet, but I digress. There’s a habit that is not yet dead. I think my iPad, however, maybe nearly so. There I go again.

I had a couple of friends tell me I was “out there” in my thoughts and words. I knew what they meant. So, I took them on the road, so to speak. When we left for vacation a few weeks ago, I went off the grid, and took a bound journal. I also took some books, and actually finished one for a change. I would give “Generation iY” a general thumbs up if you are looking for a good relational guide, but I digress, again.

I’m still working on a couple of the books. I need to pick the journal back up. I need to set some other things down. I need to learn to say no. I’m hopefully on my way to practicing that, at an appropriate level, in many ways.

My youngest daughter and I took a long walk last night. We both had our reasons. I took along 35 extra pounds, which drew lots of funny looks, and a question or two, from those we encountered along the way. She took along a few fewer, and I fear the extra look factor may be increasing for her beautiful self as she goes about her confident merry way.

Let’s just say I am in training. There are a few mountains I would like to climb, literally and figuratively, before I am done. But, I can’t carry everything with me along the way. There are a select few heavy things that need to be in my figurative pack, and I’m beginning to work out how to use them in my life’s workout.

In the process, I hope to be less weighed down. I might even learn from the experience, and write it down. Sometimes, you will read it here first. Other times, perhaps not. I don’t want to be too out there.

I will close for today with the “immortal” words of Neil Diamond:

Hello, my friend, hello
Just called to let you know
I think about you ev’ry night
When I’m here alone
And you’re there at home, hello

Maybe it’s been crazy
And maybe I’m to blame
But I put my heart above my head
We’ve been through it all
And you loved me just the same
And when you’re not there
I just need to hear

Hello, my friend, hello
It’s good to need you so
It’s good to love you like I do
And to feel this way
When I hear you say, hello


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