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Block Out


Point, point, swing, point, point.

Stick, stick, stick.


Block out!

So goes an old basketball drill used to reinforce defensive fundamentals and the importance of rebounding.

I’ve not blogged much (if any) lately. After a year or two of active and creative juices flowing thru my brain and onto the iPad keyboard, I’ve been stymied. Just a few short months ago, I listened to a group of writers talk about the mystery known as writer’s block, and thought to myself “I have no problem like that”.

That was then, and this is now. The ideas are fewer, but they still come to me. I have what I think will be a great piece about a military commander that I recently shared hours with visiting on a plane, but I can’t get the inspiration to share it. Is it fear? Is it fatigue? Is it distraction? Is it wondering if writing stuff like this really has any value? Maybe a bit of all of those?

One thing is for certain: writing comes easiest when sleep is hardest, and my body has been craving “those last extra 20 minutes” quite a bit lately. That is, at least, until this morning.

So here I sit in the pre 6 AM darkness and quiet of our home, tapping away on a large piece of the patented “Gorilla Glass” that so many of us now carry around in our pockets in the form of iDevices. Will someone actually read this later on another one of said devices? That’s not really the point. The writing is really not for others; it is for me; for getting the thoughts, questions, and musings out of my brain and going to the next idea or task.

Point well taken? Stick, stick, stick: shot! Block out!

Perhaps I am rebounding already. Only time will tell, especially if that time comes around 5:30 or so each morning.


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Odds are.
The Odd Couple.
Odd man out.
This feels odd.

I could go on forever, baby…but I hope we don’t have to.

We have 3 sets of “facilities” in Hacienda Bing.    We did, that is, until some needed repair work took 2 out of 3 offline.    Meatloaf might have sung that “two out of three ain’t bad”, but this week has thrown us off our routines.

1 of our 5-some is off at college. That leaves 4 of us to scramble for time sharing. Little Frau and I have experience sharing tiny abodes from days gone by, but the twins have not faced sharing a bath since back around the days in the womb, or shortly there after.

Odds are, the repairs may be done by week’s end, at least for one of the two rooms (or so the repairman.says), and two out of three ain’t bad. By then, maybe things won’t still feel so odd. Truth is, we are just starting to get used to the closer quarters and the aura that sharing out of necessity entails.

Well, now you know a little of the climate here. I could talk longer, but I need to go get in line for my turn at the sink….

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As the time drew near for him to ascend to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem. Luke 9:51


Adjective: Admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.

Synonyms: determined – firm – decided – resolved – decisive

I’ve never been much for new year’s resolutions, at least in the last decade or so. It seems, in actuality, in the years when I made them that they were too hard to stick with. But, is there value in setting goals, only to see them fall short? I think so. I hope so.

My recently proclaimed FB fast only lasted a week or so. No, I did not lose desired pounds or read a certain quantity of books before returning to the SocMed circuit, but there was some value and learning in the exercise.

And, not every goal falls short. In 2011, I did actually finish a half marathon after vowing to do so in 2010. It was a great experience, and I hope to complete another in 2012. I’d better start getting ready.

So, for 2012, if I was admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering on anything else, what might it be?

Less junk, be it food, fussing, or the like.

More activity, be it physical, sharing, or practicing spiritual disciplines.

Less anger, more love.

More patient.

More holy.

And so, we set off into 2012. May we be more resolute in setting out toward the New Jerusalem. The time is drawing near…

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