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Been away from blogging for a while; 7 months to be exact.    Been distracted?    Maybe.     Probably.   OK, it’s been an interesting time. 

Going to give it another shot here.

I received a wonderful email blessing from a mentor, friend, and brother yesterday.      His message was entitled, “Transitions”, and he spoke of my oldest daughter’s upcoming graduation, my grandmother’s recent passing (he’s long been a friend of my extended family), and of all the stresses and obligations life throws at us, and his concern and thoughts about me during this time of “Transitions”.

“Baby Hannah grew and grew; just like me, just like you.   Clap clap clapped her little hands, and she played, peek-a-boo”.    It seems like only yesterday, but, as the little song says, she grew.     The two year old of yesteryear is now a thriving young lady, and drawing the interest of young men.

She’s graduating from HS in two weeks, then a transitional summer, and off to college.    We have a great relationship, she, her mother, siblings, and I.   And yet, already, we can feel the change in the air.    Independence, judgement, deciding for herself irrespective of what we might, or did, suggest.    And we have to be OK with that.     Years of loving, teaching, sharing, and it’s time to let her go.
We lost my grandmother of 94 years about two weeks ago.     She was a great example, Christian mentor, and friend.     She taught us so much.   She played “peek a boo” with us when it was my time.       It seemed like only yesterday, but as the little song says, I grew.      The two year old of yesterday is now a 44 year old man, watching her great granddaughter become a thriving young lady, drawing the interest of young men.

Time took it’s toll.     She fought the good fight, she finished the race, she kept the faith.     My other grandmother, 96 years young, is struggling with her final days in a nursing home near my father’s house.     Years of loving, teaching, sharing, and it’s time to let both of them go.

Transitions; no one said they would be easy, and yet, they are required.

Our relationships change.     Our lives change, our kids grow, our own health and strength slowly begin to wain.    And yet, the time can be sweet, and we know it’s how it’s supposed to be.     Heaven is our destination; the home we were created to reach and share with our God.

And along the way, when you begin to wonder or worry about how things are, and how well you are handling it, a good friend and mentor comes along to bless you, encourage you, and lead you through life’s “Transitions”.     God’s providence, at work in the life of another.

Who can I bless tomorrow?    Who can you bless?     Are we ready to help someone with their next transition?


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