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Ever wonder why we like some things, despite the “paradox” factor?

I like history and war movies (lots of war movies, but nothing really graphic – the old stuff where you “hear the bullet” before the hero falls, like John Wayne in Sands of Iwo Jima or Frank Sinatra in Von Ryan’s Express).

But sadly, I must confess that I like many movies that would also be best classified as “Chick Flicks”. Sleepless in Seattle, Some Like it Hot, and You’ve Got Mail (possibly my favorite). Yes, I admit that Meg Ryan is cute (sorry, Sherry), but I believe there is much more to it than that. Sherry and I saw “Julie and Julia” today, and I have to admit, I liked it as well. Good story, despite the fact that Julia Child’s voice has annoyed me all of my life, and I certainly don’t like to cook. So what was the connection?

I has to be the story. Redemption. These “Chick Flick” favorites are almost always stories of Redemption. And relationships; these stories make us think a lot about relationships and friendships, especially our own. What’s working? What’s not? How can I do better? What am I missing?

Today’s movie was a great story of friendship and what it’s all about. Sherry is my best friend. Am I the friend she needs me to be as well? Do I think about her and watch out for her interests and needs as fully as I should? I hope to. She deserves it.

There is another great story of Redemption out there. It’s called the Bible. Great narrative of people with everything to gain, and blowing it, but things work out. Or, at least, they can work out for the best. The movie is not over yet; we don’t know what happens to all of the characters, but we know the ending. The good guys make it. Love triumphs over evil.

Jesus is Lord. I am Redeemed. And that’s no chick flick. Thank Goodness. I don’t mind the idea of being one of the unsung hero’s in our ongoing war movie; and I hope to not “hear the bullet” when it’s my time to exit the screen.


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